About Randi

Randi Crawford graduated from Villanova University in 1990 and went to work in Los Angeles at a major motion picture advertising agency. Soon, she was sucked in by the industry and began doing voiceovers for cartoons including Rimba's Island (FOX), Old MacDonald's Sing-a-Long Farm (Lifetime), Little Mouse on the Prairie (Saban) and more. After moving to the East Coast, she became the co-founder of Women First HealthCare, Inc., a public health care company for menopausal women that had three branches a pharmaceutical sales force, a self-care catalog for women aged 40 plus, and an education program for practicing OBGYNs. When her kids were 2 & 5, Randi became a full time SAHM virtually overnight and soon found herself pitching ideas for television shows for moms. This landed her on San Diego's KOGO with her own radio show, Rant with Randi a 2 hour program on Sunday nights for a brief period. Now Randi is following her true passion - raising her son, daughter, and inspiring and motivating moms across the country to find their 2nd act.

Read more of her blog here blog.randicrawford.net or or ask a question, because every mom has a story.

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